What an amazing studio! First off, out of all the studios I have seen, this one is easily the nicest hot yoga studio I have been to, and definitely competes for nicest studio in general. Everything is new, clean, warm, and welcoming. The locker rooms are spotless, the practice space beautiful, and the waiting area is just amazing. It's new and shiny without being intimidating or lifeless. It's in a really nice location on the Ave, which is important because we all know how sketchy the Ave can be. It's also on the second floor so it is nicely secluded away from the street. There is still some street noise, but you are always going to have some with yoga in the city. All of the teachers are truly wonderful.

For anyone who doesn't know much about Bikram yoga, it is the same sequence of postures every class in a REALLY hot room. It is easily in the top three for the most intensely physical types of yoga. All of the teachers go through a very intense teacher training, and there is a large attention to detail in the postures. I really enjoyed working with everyone there! Each are very different in personalities, but they stick to the tradition with a tasteful bit of personal expression. The core group is fantastic, and it seems like there are always some visiting teachers to spice things up a bit. Last but not least, the $20 for two weeks as an introductory deal is easily the best out there. Many studios do $25 for three classes or make you commit to a month or two, usually for $50 a month. Trust me, two weeks is enough to get a good taste. If you can't tell, I am a yoga junkie and have done an embarrassing amount of research on this. So go try it out! I really enjoy it there and I hope you do, too.